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Water And Solvent Based Road Marking and Curb Marking Paint

– Fast drying time.
– Good resistance to abrasion.
– Apply on concrete, asphalt
– Approximately 600 m line of 7 cm depending on the ground.
– 20 Kg and 15 Kg drum.
– Color: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red & Black.

VARIOUS APPLICATIONS OF machines and equipments

Bicycle Lane Paint

For clear and durable bicycle lanes and high friction surfaces, the team at Topmark Solutions uses only the best line marking paint, and the highest quality road coating products available. We are proud to install quality bike lane road markings from brands such as Topmarc, in brilliant whites made reflective with embedded glass beads, and high visibility colours such as emerald green.

Nothing is more important than safety for all road users. That’s why we use only the clearest and most durable bike lane paint and surface coatings. We apply longitudinal and transverse road and line marking and specialise in non-toxic waterborne paintd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of road marking materials, paints, and traffic safety products in India and South East Asia. The company has earned an ISO 9001:2015 certification for its commitment to quality manufacturing. Equipped with the latest technology, Topmark Solutions has a fully automatic manufacturing unit that produces road marking materials according to various international standards demanded by customers. The company’s team of laboratory experts employs strict quality control and analytical processing techniques from raw materials to finished products, using modern computerized testing equipment of the highest standard. Topmark Solutions’ policy is to continuously research and develop new products to meet its customers’ requirements for all climatic conditions worldwide.

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