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Topmark Solutions Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and exporter of road marking materials, paints, and traffic safety products in India and South East Asia. The company has earned an ISO 9001:2015 certification for its commitment to quality manufacturing. Equipped with the latest technology, Topmark Solutions has a fully automatic manufacturing unit that produces road marking materials according to various international standards demanded by customers. The company’s team of laboratory experts employs strict quality control and analytical processing techniques from raw materials to finished products, using modern computerized testing equipment of the highest standard. Topmark Solutions’ policy is to continuously research and develop new products to meet its customers’ requirements for all climatic conditions worldwide.


To pack our retro reflective thermoplastic road marking material, we utilize BOPP valve bags, specifically block bottom poly woven valve bags with a capacity of 25 kg. These bags are filled, weighed, and sealed by an automated robotic machine in just six seconds per bag, ensuring efficient and accurate packing. Polypropylene fabric bags are the preferred option due to their superior strength, puncture- and tear-resistance, and moisture-free properties, thanks to the 0.5-micron internal poly lining. This makes them ideal for use throughout the entire supply chain and provides a longer shelf life compared to other bag materials, ensuring the products remain safe and intact over time.

In terms of color options for our thermoplastic paint material, we offer four different variants to our clients based on their specific requirements.

Quality Control

Our retro-reflective thermoplastic road marking material boasts outstanding whiteness and conforms to clause 803.4 of the “Specification for Road & Bridge Works” issued by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORT&H). Designed specifically for tropical Indian conditions, our material is based on aliphatic chemistry, providing superior weathering resistance and color stability. Our intermix glass beads offer long-lasting retro-reflectivity, while the optimal balance between melt flow and flow resistance ensures well-defined lines of the desired width and thickness. Our material also has excellent wear resistance and adhesion on asphalt roads, making it ideal for use with manual, screed, extrusion, and automatic machines.


Our safe and spacious storage area has a capacity of approximately 500 tons and is located in dry, protected areas away from direct sunlight, heat, and extreme cold. We anticipate a minimum shelf life of one year when the product is stored in a cool, well-ventilated place with temperatures below 35ºC.

Formulation & Processing:

Our product, thanks to its aliphatic chemistry, provides exceptional weathering resistance and color stability. Intermix glass beads guarantee long-lasting retro-reflectivity, excellent adhesion on asphalt roads, and wear resistance, ensuring that the markings last for a long time. Our formulation, which comprises plasticized resin, aggregate, pigment, and glass beads in dry powder form, is heated and applied to the road surface. The material quickly cools and sets, forming a durable and long-lasting marking.

The material Process Methods:

Ingredients mixing ratio measurment, Ingredients mixting, Inspection & Packing


Yellow (As per IS Color No – 356)

Raw Materials Specifications

Glass Bead (Drop-on & Intermix) – As per BS 6088
Titanium Di-Oxide      – As per Clause 803 of MoRTH
C5 Resin      – As per Clause 803 of MoRTH
Binders      – As per Clause 803 of MoRTH
Calcium Carbonate      – As per Clause 803 of MoRTH
consists of 100% solids and is environment friendly as it is solvent free.

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