Hazard Marking

New social distancing measures introduced by the government to ensure safe working practices in factories, shops and workplaces have led us to respond with a new range of social distancing floor marking tapes. They are made from a twin ply construction with a printed vinyl bottom layer and a clear PP laminate which offers greater rub resistance than traditional single ply heavy duty vinyl floor marking tapes. This new range is suitable for many floor surfaces such as tiled, laminate or painted concrete. It’s important to ensure the surface is clean and free from dust before application and to ensure adequate adhesion.


Traffic Panels are Essential to Safety

Traffic Panels may be used to channelize traffic, divide opposing lanes of traffic, separate traffic lanes, for lane closures, or in place of barricades where space is limited. Road crews and public safety officials use many kinds of traffic panels in today’s world. They serve a vital role in today’s rapidly changing infrastructure environment. Some of the major types include:

Hazard Strip Floor Marking Tape

Hazard Strip Floor Marking Tape – 12″x 100′  Red/White – EO-DSV-12-100-R-W

Floor marking tape is the first and only 100% smear and scuff resistant “caution” striping!  Ideal for alerting workers where to be cautious in the workplace. Available in widths ranging from 2″ all the way to 34″ (5cm to 86.5cm). Hazard striping is ideal for visually warning workers of hazardous work areas.  Electrical panels are required to be free from any materials for easy access in case of emergencies.  Hazard striping clearly identifies the area and emphasizes the importance of keeping the area clear at all times. Two color hazard striping is available in 4 color combinations. The “Supreme V” hazard striping tape has a comformable aggressive adhesive for less than perfect floors or smooth floors.


  • Conformable aggressive adhesive for less than perfect floors or smooth floors 
  • Beveled edges protects against side damage
  • Resists puckering or wrinkling caused by pivoting or skidding wheels
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Matte finish
  • Low profile surface
  • Tape has a rubber core
  • Rubber based adhesive
  • No silicon
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