GRACO- ThermoLazer ProMelt Thermoplastic Striping System



The ThermoLazer ProMelt unit is your solution for first-time stripers wanting to get into the highly profitable thermoplastic marking business, as it lets you avoid the additional costs of adding a premelt kettle truck or trailer, thus saving you time and labour, resulting in more money in your pocket. Graco’s breakthrough technology allows you to melt 135 kg of thermoplastic on board in less than an hour.

  • ProMelt Technology
    • The 4 chamber melting system offers more surface area to melt thermoplastic quickly
    • With 100000 BTU’s the melt time is faster resulting in more finished jobs every day
  • SmartDie II System
    • Fast change-out system – Hardened steel dies with a built-in mil thickness adjustment system
    • Use with or without heat – Allows you to optimise your striping in all weather conditions
    • “Floats” with the surface – Puts the thermoplastic where you want it for superior line quality
    • External heat system – 4-Torch die heat system keeps it hot
  • 135 kg Material Kettle
    • Easy-to-fill kettle with PaddleMax Dual mixer for improved mixing
  • 40 kg Split Bead Hopper System
    • Perfectly matched to the material kettle with a superior flow design
    • No-tool system allows fast and easy line width changes
  • Ease-Z-Steer Handle Bar System
    • Makes turning and handling as simple as a LineLazer system
    • Adjustable handle bar for users of all sizes
  • Bead Dispense System
    • No-tool system allows fast and easy line width changes
    • 30 cm dispenser with 2.5 increments allows you to “dial-in” the drop rate
  • Ergonomic Design
    • Easier to use and almost effortless to push/pull, just like the proven LineLazer design
  • Optional LineDriver System
    • Double your striping productivity and get straighter lines with less fatigue
    • Move between jobs without having to push
    • Patented Dual Pedal System – Multiple positions allow for simple forward and reverse


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