Hand Push Machine For Thermoplastic Line Marking


Product introduction


Hand-push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine shall be used together with hot melt kettle. It has the characteristics of quality marking with speed, flexible operation and easy maintenance, etc.


1,  Simple designed and easy maintenance

2,  Marking different widths of road lines after replace the different marking screed shoes.

3,  Equipped with high precision special cast iron marking screed shoe to make sure that all the marked lined are tidy, thick-even great edge finish.

4,  Floor-type cutter can adapt to any roads with different situations.

5,  Glass beads automatic spreader is equipped with flow control device

Technical parameters

1,Coating bucket:65L

2,Glass beads box capacity:12L

3, Glass beads spreader:Synchronous linkage spreading, equipped with a flow control device

4, Marking hoppers:High precision ultra-thin material, scraping type structure.

5,Marking width:  100/150/200/300/400/450mm

6,Heating method: Liquefied petroleum gas

7,Boundary dimension(mm): 1260(L)*890(W)*1050(H)

8,Weight  145kg


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